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Escaping BTRFS bugs

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Hi all!

Today I’d like to share a small yet valuable trick I had to learn while dealing with problems in the btrfs filesystem.
I switched to the filesystem about 8 months ago to better manage space allocation and shutdown times, as it should be quicker to recover upon errors. So far the filesystem performed admirably considering its reputation, but today I hit a nasty bug in the (behold) free space handling code.
Fiddling with large datasets, I managed to fill the whole volume, allocating chunks on the whole RAID1 configuration I setup. After removing the data though, things didn’t go as planned.


LiveCD updates

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Hi all!

A new release is finally out for the liveCDs!

Notable changes include:

  • 4.2.6 kernel + reiser4 patch and btrfs delayed references patch (necessary for balance to work)
  • gcc-4.9.3
  • glibc 2.22-r1
  • linux-headers 4.3
  • added F2FS support
  • added miscellaneous forensic tools (initiative coming from my new job in the eDiscovery branch)

See the full Changelog for additional details.

Fabio Scaccabarozzi