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Fabio Scaccabarozzi

Hi all! Well well, here starts my experience as a webmaster.

My name is Fabio Scaccabarozzi, I was born in Vimercate, Italy on 20th November 1988. I’ve got a brother (2 years younger than me), a dog named Lulù, a cat named Milly and a beautiful wife. I attended high schools at the local state liceum A. Banfi.
Computer science has been my passion since I was six. My dad bought me an Intel Pentium in 1994, its main function being a playbox, something like a PlayStation. I experimented with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, and my main fun slowly moved from playing a game to solving Windows’ errors and optimizing Windows’ bottlenecks. Then came the ADSL modem. Fixed bill for unlimited traffic gave me the opportunity to browse undefinitely and learn the most out of the web.


After a brief experience in a no longer existing startup near Switzerland’s border in 2013, for most of 2014 I have been an employee at Epress Information Services and working for Esselunga S.p.A. in their head office, in Limito di Pioltello (near Milan, Italy). I was part of the team for level 1 support for the entire company.

For four years (December, 2014 – October, 2018) I was an employee of Forexus GmbH (now acquired by Lighthouse) in Zürich, Switzerland. Here I was working as Junior eDiscovery Consultant, being part of the processing team in a well-known bank.

Starting November, 2018, I am an employee of Vilea GmbH, working as a Senior Software Engineer on client projects.


At some point in between 2004 and 2005 in Italy appeared a hacking magazine, called “Hacker Journal“. I discovered Open Source software, Linux and the Hacker ethics. That was the turning point in my digital life: I began experimenting with Linux, Slackware being my first distro. Slackware was a mess with package management, so I looked for an alternative distro with a native package manager: Mandriva screwed up my hard-drive, Debian didn’t install and Slackware’s swaret was just a little nice script.

Then, around the half of 2005, I found Gentoo: portage looked like heaven when compared to other package managers. Flexibility, regular updates and on top, automatic source fetching and compilation.
Solving Windows’ errors seemed really silly when compared to a compilation error.
I learned almost everything about Gentoo. Followed the updates regularly, installed packages, moved to graphical interface, learned the tools. In the end, learned bash and began scripting. Then, with first year of university, learned C ad began modifying little parts of the kernel (power-patches) and programs (davl tools). Learned the process of creating an ebuild and created my own overlay. The status of Reiser4 support gave me the idea of creating Reiser4-enabled minimal liveCDs. And so, here we are. This website is a sum of all the things I learned.

Random trivia

Back in 2018, my wife took a few photos of me in our backyard and uploaded one of them to Unsplash.com, a website dedicated to sharing stock photography under a free, “do-whatever-you-want” license.

To my surprise, that photo became quite popular and has been used on a number of websites to date, ranging from “handsome bald man blog” (sigh) to health insurance testimonials. If you run a reverse image search on Google, you’ll find 300 results and counting.

So yeah, this paragraph is just to let you know that I didn’t put a random stock photo as my author picture. I actually became a random stock photo.