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Disclaimer (about TrueCrypt)

This section exists only to fully meet the TrueCrypt license.

I am not associated in any way to the TrueCrypt foundation and I do not re-distribute copy of the source code or the binary packages as standalone packages. The TrueCrypt executable is only included in the release in its compiled binary form, not personally patched or modified in any way, taken directly from the Gentoo Official ebuild tree with its set of patches. These liveCD releases contain only free open source code and all of these packages are bound to the GPL-v2 or GPL-v3 license (link). I am not trying in any way to advertise my product through the name of the TrueCrypt foundation or its product. I am using the TrueCrypt name with the only intention to make public the availability of TrueCrypt in my product. When including TrueCrypt as a part of my product, I fully agree with the TrueCrypt License. Do not report bugs of my product to the TrueCrypt authors/developers.

Reiser4-TrueCrypt liveCDs

LiveCDs dedicated to power users and system administrators. No GUI, reiser4&truecrypt enabled, with additional tools for offline system administration and disaster recovery.