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LiveCD releases are based off Gentoo Minimal LiveCDs, they feature:

  • dev-lang/perl
  • app-crypt/truecrypt
  • full update of system packages
  • reiser4-sources (with custom power patches) && reiser4progs
  • latest unstable gcc
  • latest unstable glibc
  • latest pure profile (no desktop, server, etc)
  • wider hardware support (mostly PATA/SATA controllers and wireless cards): if the kernel being used for the new release supports new hardware it will be included in the next release as well (ath5k etc…)
  • various extra packages

Some have already asked for X/graphics inclusion, my answer has always been “no” for the following reasons:

  • minimal liveCDs weigh ~100Mb, full liveCDs ~700Mb or more (less pain for users, faster availability)
  • troubleshooting the base profile with basic settings it’s a matter of hours, whereas troubleshooting >700 packages it’s a matter of weeks (I don’t have such time)
  • I don’t have enough CPU power available to make a big release available to the public in my few spare weeks (2~3 weeks every 3~4 months)

Known & Solved issues

Since nothing is perfect, here’s a list of the known issues with the all the current releases:

  • doesn’t have splashscreen/progress bar at boot, no framebuffer decorations
  • using provided stage3 to install forces you to unmask latest gcc, glibc and linux-headers in /etc/portage/package.keywords right after install to prevent downgrades
  • if you want to migrate to reiser4 on root partition, you have to edit /etc/init.d/checkroot to avoid fsck segfaults (file available through server); otherwise, you can update e2fsprogs and unmask latest reiser4-progs, that provides compatibility with e2fsprogs (can be “normally” fixed using baselayout-2 + reiser4progs-1.0.6-r2) Unable-to-include drivers:
  • rt2500 wireless drivers (newer ones should be available in-kernel)
  • slmodem (not even latest unstable does compile)
  • FIXED: acx, acx-firmware (latest acx 0.3.38 doesn’t compile)
  • FIXED: madwifi-ng, madwifi-ng-tools (latest unstable doesn’t compile)

And here instead, a list of the past issues that have been solved:

  • doesn’t allow keymap selection at boot (can be done later with loadkeys)

Reiser4-TrueCrypt liveCDs

LiveCDs dedicated to power users and system administrators. No GUI, reiser4&truecrypt enabled, with additional tools for offline system administration and disaster recovery.