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Ebuild for atipower. There has never been an ebuild for such program. It goes back to the days when I used the fglrx driver. This little well written program has the ability to show (and select) even power/clock statuses that are hidden from the aticonfig utility. This is often the case of desktop cards that have different 2D/3D clocks. My X1900XT fan would spin down to achieve lower noise, reducing power consuption, of course. Perfect in combination with a login startup script that runs at logon to your favourite Desktop Manager. I will always keep it in my main overlay.


Ebuild for a reiser4-enabled kernel. Based off gentoo-sources (with all the related patches) plus the latest patch that applies to the kernel for reiser4-support. This is used during liveCD build process, I update it whenever I have to rebuild the CDs.


There goes a list of my actual overlays. In the outdated-overlay ebuild list only appear ebuilds that are no longer mantained. Ebuilds that have newer versions available in neo2-overlay are not listed, though available in the overlay.