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December release preview

Hi all! As you’ve seen the template has been changed again. This is the ultimate solution for clearer reading (this one scales to the optimal page width). Also, some sections have been reorganized (look, font size) and the overlay section has been completed. I’m currently working on the new release. My will was to update python+portage to the latest version (2.5.2-rX + 2.2_rcY) but...

Grand Opening

Well well, after a lot of time spent learning Joomla, Apache, MySQL and configuring them, I’m proud to annouce the opening of a semi-definitive site.

The main section, dedicated to my liveCDs, is ready. The other ones (being only “Scripts” right now) are still work in progress. Stay tuned for news, and update your bookmarks.

Hello world!

Hi all!

This is my first article on this site. It is mainly intended for testing purposes (see how joomla works, layout&so on). Hopefully I’ll be able to setup the website this week. Check it back soon!