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Random updates

Hi all!

First of all sorry for the long absence, it’s been a very busy month. Anyway, I’ve got a bunch of news:

  • Worked on automatic stage rebuilding, all should work as expected. You will find the stages in experimental FTP directory (now building new stages for i686, later for amd64). Please note that those releases include GCC 4.4.x (currently 4.4.1) without graphite deps (that’s because I can’t tune USE flags during stage1/2/3). They will be built every three weeks and the process gets niced to avoid server slowdowns. You can find the script I’m using in the mkstage FTP directory.
  • General server updates and review
  • Created barnyard2 ebuild, available in the main overlay and also submitted to bugzilla
  • Migrated a number of outdated ebuilds to the outdated overlay
  • Updated some ebuild descriptions

Now, lets come to the CDs: I know kernel 2.6.30 has been released and has also seen 3 minor revisions, but I’m waiting for GCC 4.4.x to become at least unstable (drop the hardmask). There are a good number of packages that exhibit problems with GCC 4.4.x, as you can see from the GCC 4.4 porting bug. A lot of those bugs have been addressed, but still a few need to be fixed before it can be marked unstable. I hope that for the end of September it will be possible to drop the hardmask, so to be able to release a new version. Meanwhile, you can stick onto the auto-stages and old CDs (that don’t lack any vital functionality regarding 2.6.29->2.6.30 bump).

Fabio Scaccabarozzi

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