LiveCD updates

Hi all!

A new release is finally out for the liveCDs!

Notable changes include:

4.2.6 kernel + reiser4 patch and btrfs delayed references patch (necessary for balance to work)gcc-4.9.3glibc 2.22-r1linux-headers 4.3added F2FS supportadded miscellaneous forensic tools (initiative coming from my new job in the eDiscovery branch)

See the full Changelog for additional details.

Reasons why I killed systemd

This won’t be another rant-post about the neverending systemd vs openrc war.I am writing to mostly state the reasons why I killed systemd in favor of openRC, the Gentoo-sponsored init alternative. Having binary logs is useless If you have ever had a server fail, especially during boot, then you already know where this is headed. If you don’t, in short: you want the logs to be readable...

Website refactor

Hi all! After struggling for a (very long) while with nanoc, I was able to make many small improvements to the site structure. “Scripts” section has disappeared in favor of a more generic “Coding” one, divided by language.Lots of cleanups went into JavaScript and CSS (which is now written in SASS). Site layouting was changed to slim for better readability and...

Two years later

Hi all! It’s been more than two years since the last post.Some of you may have thought the project was dead. Well, it was in fact suspended.There are multiple reasons, the top one being the lack of time to properly follow the project. It takes a while to build and mantain the releases and the process is not error-free at all (rather, quite the opposite). Furthermore, for some time the...

New release: 2011-03-06

Hi all! The new release if finally out! It’s been almost an year since the latest release. The long time since the last update brings some interesting news for you: kernel with reiser4 patchesgcc-4.5.2, glibc-2.13-r1, linux-headers- kernel module has been disabled in favor of external ntfs3g to avoid conflicts (ntfs3g has much much wider NTFS support than in-kernel...