LiveCD updates

Hi all!

A new release is finally out for the liveCDs!

Notable changes include:

4.2.6 kernel + reiser4 patch and btrfs delayed references patch (necessary for balance to work)gcc-4.9.3glibc 2.22-r1linux-headers 4.3added F2FS supportadded miscellaneous forensic tools (initiative coming from my new job in the eDiscovery branch)

See the full Changelog for additional details.

Two years later

Hi all! It’s been more than two years since the last post.Some of you may have thought the project was dead. Well, it was in fact suspended.There are multiple reasons, the top one being the lack of time to properly follow the project. It takes a while to build and mantain the releases and the process is not error-free at all (rather, quite the opposite). Furthermore, for some time the...

March release 2010 – Happy birthday!

Hi all! The new release is finally out! It features kernel + glibc 2.11-r1. All the “suspended” drivers were reintegrated as the latest versions would compile cleanly. Some packages have been added, most notably pbzip2 to make bzip2 scale on multicore systems. Btrfs-progs has been included as a live ebuild, to allow some fixes for the subvolume management system to be...